Katherine Sullivan


'Perch' ,28 Palster dipped collars, Steel, 1 m x 85cm x 25cm from wall

'Graphite Collar' ,Cast cotton collar, PVA, Graphite powder. 35cmD x 12cmH

'Tools of The Trade' ,Baby shoes, Hooks, Safety pins, Poppers, Screws, Nails, Nuts.

'Working Through the System' Steel gauze, plastic pipe, lace, paint.

75cm Lx 85cm Hx 45cm W

'Enclosure' Cotton lace collar, copper wire, PVA, paint.

'Heretage' 32 Lead pampooties

'Hooked' Copper plated cotton gloves, steel hooks.

'Steam Gothic 1' Cast iron pipe, millinary trim, steel hooks, paint, PVA.

'Turn Me On' 30 Cast porcelain light switches, paint.

'Outcrop' Natural stone, lace, PVA, Paint. 15cm L

'Prickly Pair' Copper plated cotton gloves, nails, patination.

'Chicken Bench Maquette' 1:10 scale, Steel, Paint

'Aspirational Frieze' 2019 Wax-dipped used ballet shoes, nut and bolts. 180cm h x 120 cm w

Aspirational Frieze - Detail

Photography and Photomontage

'Architexture' Series 1.1 Photomontage, A3 size

'Architexture' Series 1.2 Photomontage, A3 size

'Architexture' Series 1.3 Photomontage, A3 size

'Architexture' Series 1.4 Photomontage, A3 size

'Down at Heel' 18 Images documenting the wear, tear and repair of worn ballet shoes donated by the Royal Ballet School.